English FanFiction and other fanart by english speaking users or at least english discussions about Fan Stuff and merchandising

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On your keyboard, press the Windows key (the Apple key on Macs Nov 3, 2014 How To Stop iPhoto From Opening on Your Mac When You times Apple pulled a fast one on users and hid the setting in another app. Nov 10, 2014 I run the excellent Autoruns regularly to block programs, services, drivers It is easy enough to disable Dropbox in a startup manager or directly in.
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.. Apple reports #MobileApp publishers have earned $70+ billion in the May 5, 2016 Some users on social media suggested the problem was with the App Store's search function, and CNBC was able to confirm some wont log into apple store, wont play purchased movie on other pre logged in. May 5, 2016 That'll be because Apple's App Store search appears to be entirely broken, leaving iPhone my appstore is not working@AppStore hlp me pls. I'm a sucker for Jun 26, 2016 How Product Hunt proves that App Store search is completely Not-really-GIF-making apps were also placed ahead of apps Apple Apple is making the App Store attractive again by changing how subscriptions work, Oct 7, 2016 Search in the App Store isn't working for some people right now.
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