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Post#1by Schobi » 9. Apr 2012, 19:31

In Deutschland ist bisher nur die 1. Staffel der Serie erhältlich. Ob und wann die 2. Staffel auf DVD in Deutschland zu erhalten ist, ist unklar.

Für alle die die DVD der 1.Staffel noch nicht besitzen, einfach mal bei Amazon gucken ;)

Die komplette 1.Staffel / Preis: ab 9,50€


Die 2. Staffel ist beispielsweise in den USA erhältlich - Für weitere Infos klickt auch hier auf das Bild.


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Re: DVDs

Post#2by papapa » 23. Jul 2012, 21:01

Ich wage überhaupt nicht daran zu denken, dass vielleicht mal alle 6 Staffeln deutsch synchronisiert werden. Für den Moment würde ich mich schon damit zufrieden geben, wenn die Drei in deutsch gesendeten Staffeln als DVD erscheinen.
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Re: DVDs

Post#3by brandydavis » 3. Sep 2013, 11:42

I'm a big fan of this show. It's been more than a decade since this aired but my love for this show remains. I love Third Watch because it's the plot is very realistic! I still remember that my Friday's aint complete without watching this one. The cast are excellent actors and perfect choices for their characters. I love Carlos and Kim's characters, who's yours? Anyway, I still watch this show until now during weekends. I have a complete collection of this show which I bought at yourdvdconer.com. Before I purchased I asked them if this are genuine copy and they told me it's just a collector's version. I decided to try it out because they told me if I'm not satisfied I can return it for a refund. When I got the DVDs, I randomly checked the discs per season. The DVDs I got are complete up to Season 6 which is great, I'm satisfied with the quality, I think I could rate it at 8/10. It's ok because I know this isn't officially released and I decided to keep the set. Love this show, and I couldn't find any show like this one nowadays.
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Re: DVDs

Post#4by TWSab » 15. Sep 2013, 14:47

brandydavis wrote:I love Carlos and Kim's characters, who's yours?

My personal Favs are Bosco, Carlos, Ty and Alex.

I have all seasons too on DVD. Not the Best quality. But better than nothing :)
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