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I've played a great deal of Dofus Kamas cellular MMOs

Post#1by Rskingdom » 9. Dec 2019, 08:52

I've played a great deal of Dofus Kamas cellular MMOs in the previous few months... here's what I enjoyed. Hope it might help people who are inquiring about those.I've seen so many times the"what is a fantastic mmo for mobile" question which I thought I could share my experiences, since I have played with a lot of those. Probably a little too much to become honest.So, first of all, all mmos I am gonna cover are the non-autoplay ones, as I can't stand autoplay, I have tried, many times, but it just does not work. I believe I am not enjoying, and that I get the impression everyone are robots...One last thing, you are very welcome to share your own ideas and opinions, but this article is for men and women who'd like to play an MMO on their mobile devices, therefore, try to not bring the worst side in the remarks, which will not be helpful to anyone.Ok, so let's get this started!

This is my favourite!

The neighborhood is what causes me to log into regular, people are all very nice and useful, and it's always fun to just chat on earth chat... all the time, it is just crazy pleasure. The dev team is small, but they are very close to their players. They talk with us around the discord station, answer questions about the forums and perform livestreams from time to time.the Dofus game has been live because 2011, and an expansion just lauched a few weeks before, so it's definitely a fantastic time to start enjoying with it, or comeback into it.

Heroes and villagers is totally free to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro play, using an optional subscription that provides exp bonus and journeys. There is no quests, however, you can do everything you desire. You can take as mount or pet about every animals in the Dofus game, you can build your home (the construction interface is really impressive) and of course there's the usual collecting, crafting and battle.
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