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Faith Quotes *english*

Post#1by TWSab » 1. Apr 2012, 23:54

Faith (about arresting Mikey): What are you gonna tell your mother?
Bosco: I don't know. Maybe I'll tell her that it's time that we stopped pretending that he isn't a piece of trash.
Faith: Well, there are better ways.
Bosco: Yeah? Well, that's the way it presented itself today.

Faith: Bad Bosco, Good Pizza.

Faith: I'm going to an art opening.
Fred: You never want to go to stuff like that.
Faith: Well, you never want to spend the weekend with your hands on the back of a truck. See, we're growing.

Faith: If you don't like my ideas, why do you ask?
Bosco: I like your ideas! I'd just like them more if they were better!

Faith: What are you guys talking about?
Carlos: Compassion.
Faith: I guess it was a short conversation.

Faith: You ate all the fries?
Bosco: I didn't think you wanted any.
Faith: Both bags?
Bosco: I thought you were dieting.
Faith: I'm eating a cheeseburger!

Yokas: Okay, let's talk about my sex life. Last night my husband was too drunk to get it up, and it's kinda bugging me, you know?
Bosco: Whoa. Whoa. That is a little more information than I needed to hear. Now I got a picture.
Yokas: No kidding.

Yokas: You wanna come over for dinner? Fred and the kids would love to see you.
Bosco: No they wouldn't.
Yokas: They'll get over it.

(Bosco is sitting on top of a garbage can, watching a drug dealer, waiting for him to make a deal)
Faith: What is your jones for this guy?
Bosco: I jacked him up four times since you were gone. I could never find his stash.
Faith: Yeah, well, no one seems interested in his wares today.
Bosco: Can you just give it some time?
Faith: Time? You've been up there forever. Don't you ever have to pee?
Bosco: Shh! (Faith rolls her eyes, Bosco sees the guy make a deal and finds out where his drugs are)
Faith: I wouldn't want you looking for me for anything. Ever.

Faith: Are you losin' weight?
Sully: Yeah, I guess, a little.
Faith: I can definitely tell. Definitely.
Sully: Yeah? Actually, I feel a lot better, too. You know, I have to think about getting some new clothes, too. Smaller clothes.
Faith: What, are you dieting?
Sully: Well, it's the Tatiana effect. She's feeding me better food, vegetables, fish, chicken. And we take these power walks, sometimes twice a day.
Bosco: Can you believe this, Davis? Before you ladies turn the discussion to deal-a-meals and thigh masters, do you mind letting me go to work?
Faith: You keep it up, Sully.
Sully: Yeah, I will, thanks Faith.
Davis: Uh huh.
Sully: Don't.
Davis: Takin' power walks, huh?
Sully: Davis. In the car.
Davis: Now that you mention it, your ass is looking a tighter.
Sully: Davis.
Davis: More toned, a little firmer.
Sully: In the car!
Davis: Sexy!
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Re: Faith Quotes *english*

Post#2by TWSab » 2. Apr 2012, 00:00

John Miller:
This job needs someone who knows what they're doing, Lieutenant.
You know I'm standing right here?
John Miller:
Has she even been a detective for a whole day?
She's been a detective for two days. Which is just enough time for me to ask you: what the hell is your name doing on my victim? Because you are that Lieutenant Miller, aren't you?

You know, I gotta tell you, if I ever caught you with my daughter, you'd get to test that whole "vampires are immortal" theory.
Emily's not that stupid.
Dante's not that immortal.

Have you forgotten where you've come from? You have, haven't you?
You're dangerous out there, Bosco.
No, it was an accidental shooting.
My old partner would've never missed that shot.
My old partner would've never questioned me!

forgot how many personal things I tell you. Guess I forgot how much I talk to you. You know? Because you weren't there for me to talk to. I miss you, Bosco.
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