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[Interview] Coby Bell about "The Game"

Post#1by TWSab » 11. Nov 2012, 21:03

By MARICE WARD on February 15, 2012 / From: VIBE.COM

VIBE.COM wrote:

I know you can’t talk too much about what’s going on, on The Game but Jason seems to really be evolving this season.

I think he definitely evolves this season. He still keeps his Jason-ness but he has his new love interest that Brandy’s playing−that’s Chardonnay. She does an amazing job. I think for the first time, we see someone who keeps Jason in check and it kinda changes him.

It’s funny that you mentioned his Jason-isms because can be a jerk at times but with that being said, what annoys you the most about Jason Pitts and what would you like to see resolved with his personality this season?

It doesn’t annoy me because it’s fun to play that character. The writers have him set up where he can kinda say anything and do anything and the fans give him a pass because he’s Jason, and that’s so fun because I get to play the most ridiculous inappropriate things and it’s ok, so I never want him to lose that.

Did you pick up anything from Brandy that you could use toward your craft?

Yeah. Brandy commits 100% to everything she does when she’s acting and I was impressed. She believes every single word that she says and she’s always in the moment when we’re doing a scene together. The first day we worked together, the first scene we did, we looked at each other like, “Oh this is gonna be cool” and it was. We had a great time working together.

The Game is known for the drama so Camille make a comeback or will Kelly come back and throw a wrench into Jason’s relationship with Chardonnay?

Oh no, there’s no Camille and Brittany [Daniel] couldn’t do the show this season so there’s no Kelly. I think the plan actually was to have a love triangle with Jason, Kelly and Chardonnay but then Brittany couldn’t do the show this season so they had to rearrange some things. So hopefully next season Brittany will come back and we can see how that plays out.

Will Jason top the Dip n Pitts this season?

[Laughs] I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s any way. It’s kinda been done. I don’t know if we wanna go back there. But it’s crazy. We didn’t expect it to get the reaction that it did but it was cool, it was fun. I’m glad everyone got a kick out of it. I know I did.

Jason Pitts has become such a force in pop culture, do you ever feel that that character overshadows other projects that you do?

Nah, I don’t think so. Any kind of recognition I get for playing Jason Pitts, I’m 100% proud of because I love playing that character. I feel the writers really write to my strengths. So, I have no problem with any kind of overshadowing whatsoever. There’s The Game then there’s The Game fans and the Jason Pitts fans and I’m on this other show, Burn Notice and then with those fans, when people come up to me, I never know what they’re gonna hit me with. Sometimes, there are people are fans of both. But it’s all good right now.

Speaking of Burn Notice, when do you start shooting next? Season six, right?

Yeah, season six. It will be my third season on the show so mid-March, I have to head back to Miami so I’m trying to squeeze in as much [family] time as I can.

Are you working on any projects you care to talk about?

I have a movie this movie project that actually involves music that’s kind of in infancy right now, so I’m hoping to get together. We just had our preliminary talks about it so I’m just really excited about it. It’s a project that’s been floating around in my head for about five or six years now, so that’s cool. It’s about a funk musician in the ‘70s, and then I have a couple of TV projects that I’m lining up for when The Game and Burn Notice comes to an end. I’ll hopefully be able to swing right into those.
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