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[Interview] Archieve | Jason Wiles & Molly Price

Post#1by TWSab » 6. Nov 2012, 19:00 wrote:Third Watch is about the brave people who serve as paramedics, firefighters and police on the third watch - the shift between 3 and 11pm. And the tense partnership between police officers Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli and Faith Yokas continues to be the focus of series five.

After playing Faith for nearly five years, Molly Price believes her character is so well received by fans "because she's one of the only women on TV who's married, has children, and a job. Faith is an 'everywoman'.

"After going on ride-alongs and talking to policewomen, I discovered they don't think as much about the risk factor as about how they can make a difference in a positive way," Price told Aventura magazine. "They're great communicators, terrifically compassionate, and have a tremendous sense of humour.

"Bosco is a hothead, and Faith is calm and cool, so we have a very intriguing partnership. To prepare for scenes, we work very closely and have developed a great chemistry that naturally bleeds onto the screen, but if we have anything to say about it, we're never going to 'get trapped in a manhole together and get it on.'"

Wiles says he is amazed at how real-life police officers have taken the series to heart, and he loves it.

"I'll go into bars with my wife where there are 200 cops and they'll come up and talk to me. This is the real deal. I fuel myself with all this stuff. I've got these four (cops) who are my friends. They come over and pick me up and we eat lunch all the time."

In fact, after his experience riding with police officers to research his Third Watch role, and his subsequent experience with the show, Wiles says he could well have ended up on the beat for real.

"I'm just lucky I didn't dabble in police work before I went to LA," the Kansas-born actor laughs.
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