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01 x 01 - Welcome to Camelot

Post#1by TWSab » 6. Dec 2013, 19:59

Two new recruits join the emergency services and work with older, wiser partners. Davis becomes a policeman, like his father, and Carlos a paramedic. Two other paramedics, Bobby and Kim, find themselves rushing from emergency to emergency. Bosco and Yokas, the other police officers, and Jimmy and his fellow firemen have their own crisis to deal with.



Yokas: You know you can be a real jerk, you know that?
Bosco: But you love me anyway right? Huh? Right?

Sully: Bosco couldn't find his ass with both hands and a map.

Bosco: 220 horses, I got a gun, a siren, a tank full of city gas. Don't you love it!

Woman: Hey, Sully. You've been losing some weight.
Sully: Oh yeah. End of the week I'll be in a thong.

Yokas: You know you can be a real jerk, you know that?
Bosco: But you love me anyway right? Huh? Right?

Teleplay by John Wells
Story by Edward Allen Bernero & John Wells
Directed by Christopher Chulack

Recurring Roles:

James Rebhorn (Capt. Elchisak), Monica Trombetta (Dana Murphy), P.J. Morrison (Emily Yokas), Jeremy Bergman (Charlie Yokas), Ernest Mingione (Lt. Kowalski), Larry Mullane (Turnkey), Michael Rispoli (Jerry Mankowitz), Chris Bauer (Fred Yokas)

Guest Stars:

Derrick Simmons (Puppet), Fran Brill (Mrs. Simpson), Heather Simms (Julie), Melvin Rodriguez (T-Shirt Man), James Joseph O'Neil (Medic 1), Danny Burstein (Medic 2), Al Espinosa (Fireman), Henry Woronicz (Fire Captain), Nikolai Tsankov (Mr. Adel), Gene Canfield (Engineer), James McCauley (BMW Man), Dan Moran (Clown Guy), Nathalie Paulding (Sunny), Dan Grimaldi (Bartender), Jayne Houdyshell (Jane), Denia Brache (Mother), J.D. Williams (Pee Wee), Melvin Rodriguez (T-Shirt Man), Fanni Green (Upset Woman), Robin Skye (Martha), David Zayas (Motorman)


Crystal Method - "Keep Hope Alive"
Fatboy Slim - "Right Here, Right Now"
Hooverphonic - "Battersea"
Peggy Lee - "I've Got Your Number"

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