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06 x 01 - More Monsters

Post#1by TWSab » 2. Dec 2013, 21:35


After a fierce gun battle and some hand-to-hand combat, Mann's gunmen are finally subdued by the members of the 55 in the E.R., but not before Orland is murdered and Bosco is critically injured; after Kim heroically puts herself in the line of fire to save Holly and a little girl, she realizes that her days as a paramedic are over, and that her future lies in being a wife to Jimmy and a mother to their children; Grace and Dr. Fields patch up their differences and come to an understanding about her out-of-protocol field procedures; Maritza uncovers the traitor in their midst, who leads her to Mann; Faith steps over the line to avenge her partner.

Scenes from More Monsters:

www.youtube.com Video from : www.youtube.com


Gene Simmons - Donald Mann
Kelly AuCoin - Jeff Weaver
Cassidy Hinkle - Jasmine Weaver
Bill Sage - Orland
Matthew Arkin - Surgeon
Marc Aden Gray - Hollis
Jonathan Espolin - Gunman #4
Sean Alvarez - Gunman #3
David Don Miller - Gunman #2
Anne O'Sullivan - Surgical Nurse
Ann Hamilton - Mrs. Weaver


When the shooting started in the fifth season finale, Bosco covered his head as he fell to the ground. In the sixth season premiere, he turned and grabbed Faith before he hit the floor


Last episode of Kim Raver as a regular actress on the show
Emily (Bonnie Dennison) doesn't appear in this episode


"Someday" by Nickelback


Dr. Hickman: How are we feeling?
Sully: "We"? What, somebody run over you, too?
Monroe: Play nice, Sully.
Dr. Hickman: We'll get x-rays, but you're probably just gonna need some stitches.

Sully: How about Davis?
Jelly: What about him?
Sully: Have you seen him?
Jelly: Not since we tag-teamed that jag-off.
Sully: And Monroe?
Jelly: Who's Monroe?

Sully: You look like crap.
Davis: Yeah, I couldn't stand all the attention Monroe was giving you so I picked a fight with this guy.

|about the knife|
Cruz: This is his?
Davis: He was trying to kill me with it. I didn't ask him if it was his or not.

Levine: You did that?
Carlos: Yeah, I tackled him.
Grace: You tackled him?
Carlos: Should've seen it.
Grace: Was that before or after he threw you out the window?

|on the phone with Jimmy|
Kim: Listen, um…I went to the doctor this morning and, uh…I'm…we're pregnant.

Carlos: Any chance you'll name that baby after me?
Kim: Absolutely none.
Carlos: That's fair enough. Carlos Doherty wouldn't make much sense anyway…
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