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04 x 01 - Lights Up

Post#1by Schobi » 16. Mar 2013, 22:06

As the blackout continues throughout the city, the squads face the looting, fires, and riots which occur in its wake. Battling an angry mob, Sully and Ty rescue an injured man and woman who turn out to be George Hancock, the Chief of Patrol, and his mistress Nancy. The paper publishes a picture of Ty carrying Hancock from the scene on the front page and hails Ty as a hero cop, much to his disgust. Against Ty's better judgment, Sully cooperates with the brass in whitewashing Hancock's presence at the scene. After Nancy collapses at the hospital, she is rushed into surgery, but not before denying Dr. Field's assessment that she's been raped. Bosco roams the city looking for Faith, and finally tracks her down just as Faith manages to carry Fred out of the building after rescuing him from the elevator. After they race him to Mercy, an overwrought Faith lashes out viciously and unfairly, first at Proctor and then at Bosco. As painful as her words are to hear, Bosco realizes the truth behind some of them and decides to change his ways, starting with destroying the evidence against Latrell and letting him go free. Sully tells Tatiana that he believes her when she says that she's not the Natasha Guerin on the rap sheet with the four prostitution collars and that it's all been some kind of big mistake. Later that evening after she falls asleep, Sully takes her vodka glass, puts it in an evidence bag, and hides it. Doc and Carlos have it out again, and this time it's Doc on the receiving end of a partner's harsh truths.


Bonnie Dennison (Emily Yokas),
Julian Gamble (George Hancock),
Savannah Haske (Tatiana),
J.D. Jackson (Latrell Griffith),
Sean Young (Nancy)


Season 3 finale "Blackout" and this episode are set on the same day.
Kim (Kim Raver) and Alex (Amy carlson) does not appear in this episode.


"The Game" by Drowning Pool
"Million Tears" by Kasey Chambers


Yokas: Are you gonna arrest her Bosco, or are you gonna make me do it?
Bosco: I’m not arresting Proctor.
Yokas: You’re not. Why not? It’s the only thing that you’re good at. You don’t use your head. You have no sense of discretion. You don’t help people out there. You just go around, you arrest everybody. Unless I need you to apparently! I am your partner, Bosco. You’re supposed to have my back. And I do everything for you and you are never there for me, ever. I bail you out all the time. And I’m sick of it! I’m sick of you! You are just like so immature and you are unreliable and you are useless! Do you hear me? You are useless!
Bosco: Have you called the kids?
Yokas: Oh my God. Oh my God. What am I gonna say to them?
Bosco: I’ll go get ‘em.

Sully: This is not the kind of thing you want to get to involved in.
Davis: Thanks, Dad. I’m good, all right? You go ahead, I’ll get a ride with somebody. I’m a hero. I’m a hero cop, I’ll get a ride with somebody.
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Re: 04 x 01 - Lights Up

Post#2by TWSab » 5. Dec 2013, 20:28


Davis: I don't need a lecture, Sul.
Sully: What did you say?
Davis: Well, that's what you're pulling me over here for, right? Give me a big 'ol lesson on the real world, how it works? I know how it works, man. I know what's goin' on. I don't really care what they do. I just want them to call it what it is. They want to hide her from the guy's wife. They don't wanna put her in a more private room.
Sully: They're not gonna call it what it is. That's not how they do things, and it's not gonna change. So, why don't you just smile and let them do what they're gonna do? Unless, you can see an upside to sticking your face out in front of it, and pissing people off. People who control your career.
Davis: This sucks, man. You know? Sucks.

Davis: I think they're gone.
Sully: They might be gone.
Davis: Well, it's now or never, let's go get 'em.
Sully: Wait. What do we got here, huh? A hooker and her date? What was she doing pulling tricks in the middle of a riot? And she doesn't even know his name.
Davis: What difference does that make?
Sully: Because I'm not getting us killed over some whore.
Davis: I'm getting them outta here.

Emily: What happened?
Bosco: Em, I need you to come with me. You and Charlie.
Emily: Is my mom hurt?
Bosco: No, your mom's fine.
Emily: Alright, then what?
Bosco: Your dad is sick.
Emily: My dad?
Bosco: Yeah, we need to go to the hospital.
Emily: What's wrong with him?
Bosco: He's sick, Em.
Emily: How sick?
Bosco: Look, we have to go right now.
Emily: Okay, um, let me wake Charlie up. Seeing you will scare him. Does my dad need anything? Any clothes, anything?
Bosco: You mom said just to bring you guys down there

Faith: Bosco, I'm sorry about before, I was just feeling a little crazy and…
Bosco: You'll let me know what happens?
Faith: Yeah.

Bosco: Look, Em, I really need to talk to this lady right now.
Emily: But…
Bosco: Go play, please. (Emily walks off) Did they say where they were going when they left?
Woman: Faith just told me to sit with the kids for a little while after school
Emily: They went to the doctor. My dad got a physical. The address is in the kitchen Want me to get it or should I "go play"?
Bosco: Get it.
Woman: She's becoming very precocious.
Bosco: Attitude? I wonder which one of her parents that comes from.

Jimmy: I got a head lac.
Proctor: You're doing medic runs?
Jimmy: What can I say, we're multitasking.
Proctor: What's your name?
Phil: Tom.
Jimmy: His name's Phil.
Proctor: Trauma Four.
Phil: My name's Phil?
Jimmy: That's what your wife said.
Phil: I have a wife?

Carlos: Are you out of your mind?
Doc: Look, they need help.
Carlos: It's right in the middle of everything.
Doc: If you don't wanna go, don't.
Carlos: I'm just saying that we should have a plan before we rush into the middle of--- (Doc just keeps walking) You're not even listening to me!

(they are trapped in a storefront during the riot)
Davis: I'm gonna go out front, see if they're still out there.
Sully: Like hell you are.
Davis: I'm not asking for permission, Sul.
Sully: Davis, wait-- I'll come with 'ya.

(about the doctors working on Fred)
Bosco: Let 'em work. Let 'em work.
Faith: Like hell.

Proctor: You brought in that shooting victim earlier, right?
Bosco: Shooting?
Proctor: The kid that got hit with the shotgun in the chest.
Bosco: Geez, was that today? Feels like a month ago.

Doc: I’m starved. We haven’t uh, stopped in... ten hours.
Carlos: I know, I was here.

Bosco (softly): Hey.
Faith: Did you see her push me? Proctor, she actually put her hands on me.
Bosco: Faith…
Faith: I have never been anything but nice to that bitch and she pushed me. I mean, who the hell does she think she is? She put her hands on me. I don't care if I'm out of uniform. I am a police officer and you don't push a cop, ever.
Bosco: Is there anybody….
Faith: I want her locked up.
Bosco (softly): Faith…
Faith Are you gonna arrest her Bosco, or are you gonna make me do it?
Bosco: I'm not arresting Proctor.
Faith: You're not. Why not? It's the only thing that you're good at. You don't use your head. You have no sense of discretion. You don't help people out there. You just go around, you arrest everybody. Unless I need you to, apparently! I am your partner, Bosco. You're supposed to have my back. And I do everything for you and you are never there for me, ever. I bail you out all the time. And I'm sick of it! I'm sick of you! You are just like so immature, and you are unreliable, and you are useless! Do you hear me? You are useless! (starts crying)
Bosco: Have you called the kids?
Faith (starts crying hard): Oh my God. … Oh my God. What am I gonna say to them?
Bosco (softly): I'll go get 'em.

Lt. Ellis: I mean, Hancock, what was he doing there?
Davis: What do you mean 'doing', sir?
Lt. Ellis: Was he working?
Davis: Well, we never saw him before he was hurt.
Lt. Ellis: So, it's possible that he was working, that he was at the scene to help.
Davis: Well, except he was with his, uh…
Sully: Davis…
Lt. Ellis: So, it's possible?
Davis: Yeah, I guess it's possible, sir.
Lt. Ellis: Don't guess.
Sully: It's absolutely possible, sir. In fact, it's probable that Chief Hancock was… in the area because he was assisting with the large disturbance. Truth be told, his assistance was invaluable to the troops.
Lt. Ellis: Doesn't really matter, does it guys?
Sully: It would actually be hard for me to care less about why he was there, boss.
Davis (to a nurse): Excuse me, what are you doing?
Nurse: We're moving her to another room.
Davis: Why?
Lt. Ellis: Hancock's wife will be here any minute. This room is going to get awfully crowded with department officials. And we were told it wouldn't affect her at all to be moved to a more private area.
Davis: So you mean, you want to hide her?
Sully: Thank you, boss. Can I talk to you? (pulls Davis away, and they walk off)

Emily: The sun's coming up.
Faith: Already?
Emily: We're not going to school today, right?
Faith: No, you're not going to school today. (Emily sits down) How you doin' over there, kiddo?
Emily: I'm okay.
Faith: That was nice before how you made Charlie feel better.
Emily: He's just a kid.
Faith: Yeah, he is.
Faith: Did you really think that you were gonna go to school today?
Emily: Not really. I was just asking for… I don't know. Sometimes it feels like I need to talk.
Faith: But you brought your books anyway?
Emily: No, these are just some things for Daddy when he wakes up. His pajamas, his electric razor because I know he doesn't like being all scratchy when he doesn't shave, his uh, stinky stuff, aftershave stuff, you know things like that.
Faith: That was very thoughtful.
Emily: Maybe he could feel like he's at home.
Faith: You're really growin' up, Em.

Davis: Is there uh, anyone I could call for you or anything?
Nancy: You mean, like, family? They're all in Denver.
Davis: You're from Denver? I kinda always wanted to go there.
Nancy: Really? I always wanted to leave.


Davis: Is there uh, anyone I could call for you or anything?
Nancy: Why?
Davis: I don’t know. I guess...somebody should be.

Doc: I can't believe we're due back in six hours. (Carlos keeps walking) Hey, I'm talkin' to you.
Carlos: I'm tired, is it alright if I go home?
Doc: Look, I'm sorry I pushed you earlier.
Carlos: Fine.
Doc: I was hot, tired, crabby--
Carlos: I said fine. Can I go now?
Doc: I want to talk this out.
Carlos: Oh, now you wanna talk? You didn't wanna talk when I wanted to stay and help that out man. You didn't want to talk before running into a middle of a riot.
Doc: We had an assignment.
Carlos: We had 30 assignments waiting. But I guess they weren't important enough for you.
Doc: Is that right?
Carlos: You pick and choose what we're gonna do, who we're supposed to care about. What's that?
Doc: Come on, there were cops calling for help!
Carlos: And I would've gone! I just wanted to be asked, man. You didn't even give me a chance!
Doc: Because I'm the one who makes those decisions.
Carlos: Just like you decided that I was gonna take that guy's money?
Doc: So, that's what this is really about?
Carlos: No, no, it's about you. You don't want to talk to me. You want to talk at me. And I'm over it. I'm over you.
Doc: You think I give a damn what you're over? Huh?
Carlos: No, you don't. And that's your problem.
Doc: No, that's your problem because I am your superior and my word is final and you can't deal with that!
Carlos: Oh, whatever.
Doc: I was doing this job when you were learning to walk, okay, so you could be as pissed as you want to be, but you damn well better respect that!
Carlos: You're proud of that? All that means is you were never good enough to move up. (Doc shoves Carlos) You wanna hit me again? Go ahead, take it all out on me. You selfish son of a bitch.
Doc: You're calling me selfish?
Carlos: I'm calling you selfish!
Doc: You, of all people. You know what, I'm not the one who gave away his kid because I thought it would be a pain in my ass.
Carlos: You know what? You're nothing but a sad, miserable, old man who's got nothing but a little bit of power and a crappy little job.
Doc: I'm not miserable.
Carlos: Really?
Doc: Yeah.
Carlos: Well hooray for you. Can I go now, sir?

Davis: You talk to her?
Sully: Yeah, she says it isn't her. Says that it's a huge mistake.
Davis: You believe her?
Sully: I don't know what to believe. But I do know I'm going to fix it so it doesn't affect me here anymore, I promise you that.
Davis: Don't do it for me, do it for you.
Sully: I just need to know who she really is.
Davis: What are you going to do to find out if it's really her?
Sully: Damned if I know. There's no guidebook on how to handle finding out your wife has been arrested for prostitution four times. _____________________________

Sully: You ready to go?
Davis: No, I'm good. I think I'm gonna be here when Nancy comes around. Maybe I can get her to tell me what really happened.
Sully: This is not the kind of thing you want to get too involved in.
Davis: Thanks, Dad. I'm good, all right? You go ahead, I'll get a ride with somebody. I'm a hero. I'm a hero cop, I'll get a ride with somebody.

Bosco: How many damn people did I bring in?
Cop: I think you locked up half the precinct.

Bosco: That kid lived.
Latrell: Good.
Bosco: You did a good job with him.
Latrell: Whatever, man.
Bosco: You ever though about being a medic out here? For the city?
Latrell: I'm on the list. At least I was until this narcotics arrest.
Bosco (turns around): I need Griffith kicked loose.
Cop: Yeah?
Bosco: I lost the evidence.
Cop: Go get it signed off by the boss and he's all yours.
Bosco: Right. (turns back to Latrell) When I call for a bus you better put me at the top of the list.

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