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01 x 02 - Anywhere but here

Post#1by TWSab » 6. Dec 2013, 20:06

Doc, Carlos, and Ty each feel guilty about the mistakes they made during Jerry's shooting.
Jimmy gives Kim a bulletproof vest and the squads rescue a man dangling from the side of a skyscraper after an explosion.


Bosco: I should've shot him.
Yokas: But you didn't.
Bosco: I could've.
Yokas: But you didn't.

(the drunk guy takes a crap in the car and they spray air freshener)
Bosco: Now it just smells like somebody took a dump in a pine forest.

(about working with Sully)
Davis: I feel like I'm riding around with my grandmother.
Carlos: She's pretty quiet?
Davis: Nah. She's a bitch.

(about/to the drunk guy)
Yokas: What about him?
Bosco: Oh, yeah. Don't fall down anymore.
Yokas: That's it?
Bosco: What else do you want me to do? Let him shower up at my place?

Yokas: Hey, you're wearing a vest.
Kim: Yeah, my ex-husband's idea of a birthday gift.
Yokas: Yeah, I usually get a dustbuster or something equally romantic.
Kim: Yeah, a dustbuster I could use. This thing is just hot and uncomfortable. Not to mention it looks like I'm wearing a barrel.

Recurring Roles:

Nick Chinlund (Det. Tancredi), Ernest Mingione (Lt. Kowalski), Michael Rispoli (Jerry Mankowitz), Chris Bauer (Fred Yokas)

Guest Stars:

John Rothman (Ross Green), Danielle Flora (Amy), Shona Tucker (D. Counselor), Nathalie Paulding (Sunny), Cullen O. Johnson (Security Guard), Richard Bright (Drunk), Don Creech (Radio Guy), Eric Farro (Daniels), Aesha Waks (Fran), Emilio Del Pozo (Painter), J. L. Taylor (Det. Lark), Stacy Highsmith (Girl), Annie Golden (Amber), Andre Royo (Diop), Eric Morace (Monty), Peter Bretz (ESU Sergeant), Katherine Narducci (Jerrys Wife), Teagle F. Bougere (Resident), Jonathan Halyalkar (Jerrys Son)


Moby - "Porcelain"
Massive Attack - "Angel"
Rob Dougan - "clubbed to death"
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