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Ty Davis quotes [english]

Post#1by TWSab » 26. Sep 2012, 17:05

Davis: Alright, we'll meet you at Mercy.
Taylor: Why?
Sully: Yeah, why? We got all the information we need.
Davis: Why not? The guy's a drunk, he was already actin' nasty in there.
Sully: Davis, he wasn't that bad.
Davis: Well, it could get worse, right?
Taylor: And we're just a couple of girls, right?
Davis: I didn't say that.
Taylor: You didn't have to. We're fine. This is our job. But thank you. (they leave, Sully is staring at Ty)
Davis: What? … What?
Sully: Are you sweet on her?
Davis: Shut up, man.
Sully: That is the first paramedic that I've ever seen you wanna follow around.
Davis: I don't wanna follow her around, Sully, I was just tryin' to…
Sully: … Tryin' to?
Davis: Shut up.

[Sully hat Gewicht verloren]

Faith: Are you losin' weight?
Sully: Yeah, I guess, a little.
Faith: I can definitely tell. Definitely.
Sully: Yeah? Actually, I feel a lot better, too. You know, I have to think about getting some new clothes, too. Smaller clothes.
Faith: What, are you dieting?
Sully: Well, it's the Tatiana effect. She's feeding me better food, vegetables, fish, chicken. And we take these power walks, sometimes twice a day.
Bosco: Can you believe this, Davis? Before you ladies turn the discussion to deal-a-meals and thigh masters, do you mind letting me go to work?
Faith: You keep it up, Sully.
Sully: Yeah, I will, thanks Faith.
Davis: Uh huh.
Sully: Don't.
Davis: Takin' power walks, huh?
Sully: Davis. In the car.
Davis: Now that you mention it, your ass is looking a tighter.
Sully: Davis.
Davis: More toned, a little firmer.
Sully: In the car!
Davis: Sexy!

Davis (about working with Kim): Maybe you can hook up with her instead of Carlos.
Taylor: Yeah, that would be good. I didn't mind having a little girl talk.
Davis: Girl talk? I thought you didn't like the 'G' word.
Taylor: 'Girl?' I don't mind being called a girl. I just don't like when assumptions are made because I am one.
Davis: Oh, I made assumptions?
Taylor: Yes, you thought I needed to be protected and I don't need to be protected.
Davis: Come on, Alex, that guy was talking about showing you his stuff. What was I supposed to do?
Taylor: Listen, I think it's very sweet that you're worried about me. But I gotta be out there without you. So, what, you don't want me to be defenseless, do you?
Davis: Sort of, yeah. (they both laugh)
Taylor: Alright, well, the next time there's a chance for me to call you to the rescue, I will.
Davis: You promise?
Taylor: I promise.
Davis: So, I'll see you tonight?
Taylor: What are you kidding? Carlos is out of the house-- We're gonna tear the place up.
Davis: Yeah, see, I'm supposed to be the man when it comes to that, right?
Taylor: Mm-hmm. And I always let you think you are. (slaps Ty's ass)
Davis (smiles): You better watch it.
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