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[article] Kim Raver Shares Her Secrets

Post#1by TWSab » 11. Nov 2012, 16:54

SEPTEMBER 22, 2008 BY JENNY SCHAFER wrote:On starting Lipstick Jungle just weeks after giving birth to her second son, Leo, and doing a racy sex scene and not being able to get up after:

[I was like] “a bug stuck on my back. I had no stomach strength. And I’d had a C-section, so it was even worse!”

On eating well during breastfeeding regardless of the pressures to stay thin:

“It was important to me to experience both nursing Leo and recovering from having him,” Kim said, whose older child, Luke, is 6. “I’d be in a fitting trying to squeeze into clothes, and I’d think, I’m not doing this. There’s going to be more milk, and healthier milk, if I’m eating well, and I’m already stressed out because of my work level.” So instead of dieting, Kim lived by the motto: “Get me a really yummy, highly caloric steak!”

On working 17-hour work days starting at 5 a.m. and returning well after midnight, with Baby Leo in tow:

“I remember crying at one photo shoot because I couldn’t get into the dresses I’d normally fit into. Brooke [Shields, her costar] was so lovely. She reminded me that [this period is just] a short window.”

On fitting in her exercise regime with the kids:

[I told my oldest son] “I’ll get my run in while you learn to ride your bike without training wheels. He’d get it, so I’d sprint; then he’d stop, so I’d slow down. Then he’d get it, and I’d sprint. It was an amazing workout.”

On her advice to other new moms:

“Remember to love the body you’re in after having a baby. You’re not sleeping. You’re juggling one, two, or three kids. If it’s emotionally satisfying at three or four in the morning, when the baby won’t go back to sleep, have a piece of chocolate! While you nurture your baby, it’s important to nurture yourself.”
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