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[Interview] Kim Raver about his boys

Post#1by TWSab » 11. Nov 2012, 17:12

FRANCOISE SHIRLEY wrote:CBS: You have two boys Luke (8) and Leo (3), how do you balance it all; motherhood, a busy successful career, time for yourself, sleep?

KR: “Oh My God! No sleep, no time for myself! It’s really hard and really tricky. There are better days than others, at the end of the day I want it all to be perfect and for it all to be great, and there are moments and I feel that I am not being able to do it all. Fortunately, I have a great example in my mom. My mom was a working mom, single raising two kids by herself in New York City and this was really before supermoms even really existed, before there were really working moms. So the days I think I don’t know if I can do this, I think ‘okay she did’! I know when I can set a schedule that usually helps the insanity feeling. Some days there are the real tired days, but it’s so worth it because I’m actually getting great time with my kids and real quality time with my husband. You’re really kind of amazed that there are things that I don’t think I’ll be able to do, and when you really put your mind to it and you focus, you know you can do it. So if I want to bathe my kids and put them to bed, and have dinner with my husband and my kids, I get up a little earlier I make my coffee on the run and I memorize my lines while I am in the hair and make up chair instead chatting. So it’s all about time management.”

CBS: What’s it like raising boys?

KR: “I always thought that having boys and girls couldn’t be so different. That boys and girls are the same. Now I know better! Some of my girlfriends have girls and we’ll go to dinner. Their girls are sitting there all pretty and my boys are like on my head climbing. Don’t get me wrong, they’re well behaved, but there is just a crazy amount of energy and that has been amazing to see. They are funny and I love it. I love raising the opposite sex because you learn so much more because it’s not what you are used to.”

CBS: You’re fluent in French and German and your husband, filmmaker Manuel Boyer, is French. Are you planning on encouraging your kids to learn a foreign language?

KR: “Yes they already do, but it gets rusty. We just came back from my in laws so it’s good now, but then by Christmas it gets sort of rusty because they are not speaking it as much. The little one is going to a French school starting in September. We are just going to stay on it. Before 6 years of age, if they start, it’s really easy for them. I encourage it because I think it’s really a fantastic door opener. Not so much for a job, but just so they have two languages to speak and I want them to be able to communicate with their French grandparents because they don’t speak English. So both on a practical and family level we are encouraging them to keep up the French.”

On whether or not her kids join her on set:

KR: “I’ve done it my entire parental experience. I was pregnant on Third Watch. I had my youngest when I was doing Lipstick Jungle. I nursed my kids on set. My children have always been on set. I’ve entered into this new realm where actresses can have kids and work. My kids love it on set. We figure out things to do. It’s an all consuming thing, but there’s a lot of down time between takes. My oldest son is so good now. He can just sit and watch a scene close up.”

When asked about how she would handle her kids wanting to become actors:

KR: “There’s so much rejection involved, it’s not an easy journey. I would teach them that you have to do because you love it, not for celebrity status reasons.”

On Grey’s Anatomy scoops for next season:

KR: “Things change quickly on Grey’s. The triangle is over. It was a great tool to introduce Teddy into the Grey’s group. It will be great to see her develop more on her own and have her own romance. I can say that something’s happening with the wonderfully smart, handsome James Tupper who plays a trauma counselor in a recurring role this season.”

On what message she hopes this movie delivers to teens and their parents:

KR: “I have two children. It showed me what a horrific thing can happen to a teen due to alcohol, drugs and lack of communication about anger. I hope parents and kids watch it together and have discussions about what’s happening in school and their lives.”
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