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ThirdWatchFans Interview with Amy Carlson

Post#1by TWSab » 1. Aug 2012, 22:09

Interview By Sabrina on July 18, 2012 via Twitter

Your Birthday was on 7/7 , how did you spend your birthday?

I spend my birthday on Fire Island with friends and family and they had a lobster and clam bake for me, so much fun

How much freetime do you really have and what do you do when you're not working? - How has beeing a parent changed you?

What is freetime??? :) Being a Mom changed me profoundly and that is where all my free time goes. I am typing now because they are asleep!

A Fan wants to know: „How is your music career going"?

I no longer pursue music although, my hubs Syd runs 'Frenchkiss Records' and has amazing bands on the label which inspire me daily!

Do any of your children play an instrument?

My children study music, my son isn't yet 3 so he doesn't have an instrument yet but my daughter who is 5 1/2 plays violin.

Luke Crisalli wants to know : Out of all places in the City Third Watch filmed, what was your favorite?

My favorite place to shoot and we were ALWAYS there was Harlem that is where the big fires took place and the folks there were great to us

Did you kept anything from the Set, if not, what would you have liked to keep?

From the Third watch set I kept some tee shirts that were given to me from real fire houses in NYC from FDNY many of whom I am still close.

Whom of the cast/crew of ThirdWatch do you still correspond with? - Are there any actors you'd never worked with again or actors you'd work with again?

I am still close with Anthony, Beach, Brooke Kennedy the Producer, lots of crew. We are all good with each other and reconnected recently. We reconnected when our tech advisor Mike Keenan was shot recently on the job, he was a big part of the show and that got us talking again. Mike Keenan is recovering.

Where were you at the moment of 9/11, What were you doing? - Did the show took on a whole new meaning for you after that?

AM of 9/11 I was home, saw it all from my roof, a life changer. Third Watch lost 13 BG actors that day. real FDNY and NYPD heroes we knew and loved.

Your biggest acting challenge on Third Watch?

Also, my biggest acting challenge on „Third Watch“ was mainly physical. rooftops in Harlem in August for 8 hours in full FDNY gear, those days were LONG

Are you watching yourself on TV? - What was the most awkward moment in Third Watch?

I didn't watch all the TW episodes all the way through, the shower with Coby was by far the most awkward!

Your favorite - FDNY / Paramedic or NYPD?


(Unfortunately,) Third Watch became a cop show more and more ... If you had to write the "perfect" story for 'Alex Taylor', what would it be about?

The perfect Story for Alex I think was told. losing her father in the Towers and how that effected her! - I was proud to tell that story.

Luke wants to know: If you had to do it over again, would you have stayed till the end?

I would have loved to stay to the end of Third Watch but they were going focus on cops so it was good to go out with a Bang!

How much do you actually know about medicine?

I learned a lot about medicine from real EMTs on „Third Watch“, tech advisors. Now as a Mom I am a pretty good ped. and have diagnosed some stuff :)

Tomorrow you start shooting the new season of Blue Bloods, what do you want most this season for BlueBloods and in terms of your personal development?

This season of Blue Bloods Linda, my character, goeas back to beeing a nurse, so all the stuff I learned on Third Watch is not wasted! It will be great!

Luke wants to know: „Workin' on Blue Bloods has her back in the realm of the uniformed services of NYC, What does she like about workin with them?“

I love working with the Emergency Services in NYC each dept is unique and wonderful and the people I've met are amazing.

With Bobby Cannavale, Nick Sandow, Michael Rispoli and Molly Price was like a ThirdWatch Reunion' :) Most of the Fans want Jason Wiles there, too. How was it with Molly Price?

There have been a lot of TW actors on the show, wish Jason would come on! The scene with Molly was the first we ever spoke on camera, save 1

Have you ever been to Europe? And If you could visit any place in the world, where would you want to go?

I have been all over Europe, have family in Sweden, also traveled Mid East, my Mom lives in Egypt, I also was in Africa and SE Asia. I want to go DownUnder

Is there anything people don't know about you?

People don't know that I am an avid runner and ran NYC marathon 2001 w/ BFF Chip our shirts said FDNY and NYPD on front and TW on back.

Amy: Best to you and all the awesome TW fans, my favs.

My thanks to Amy Carlson for a great interview! Catch her when BlueBloods returns in september!
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